Posted by: duncanrobinson | April 17, 2009

Say ‘käse’! – Austrian tourists have photos deleted ‘to prevent terrorism’

Yesterday, the police deleted some tourists’ holiday snaps in order to – you’ve guessed it – prevent terrorism. The Austrian father and son were exploring London’s suburbs. Odd behaviour? Not really.

“We typically crisscross cities from the end of railway terminals, we like to go to places not visited by other tourists. You get to know a city by going to places like this, not central squares. Buckingham Palace is also necessary, but you need to go elsewhere to get to know the city”

I agree completely and do the same when I’m on holiday. It must be genetic as my Dad is similar. He too ran into a bit of trouble with the authorities on holiday in Greece one time. He got caught sneaking around some railway sidings, taking pictures. A guard ran out, shouting at him to stop. Perhaps London police aren’t so bad after all, then? Not quite.

My Dad was in Greece in the 1970s – when it was under a military dictatorship.


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